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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Green Smug Drives Global Cooling

Despite Al Gore's Oscar winning dream of melting ice caps, a movie from which he portrays an epic scene showing the Antarctic ice shelf breaking up and virtually disintegrating in front of our eyes, his inconvenient lie is stifled by the Nobel Peace Prize he was awarded. The fact is Al Gore stole that footage from the fictional movie "The Day After Tomorrow" and used it to enhance fear in his documentary. The problem is the scene in that movie wasn't filming real ice. It was Styrofoam. Enhanced with time-consuming digital effects, it was all fake. I suppose, however, I'd have done the same thing if I were creating a movie about Global Warming, only to realize half way through and millions of dollars later that this climate change is part of a normal cycle that's been going on for millions of years. Others suggest the real reason alternative energy gained steam was that old-fashioned energy got too expensive.

The fact is the Earth has had huge climate shifts with extreme warmth and extreme cold long before man could have possibly had any impact on the earth's climate.

That's right, you read it correctly, the earth naturally goes through periods of warming and cooling. So why do so many environmentalists believe protecting the environment means keeping certain environmental conditions exactly the same, even though the Earth and its ecosystem are constantly and naturally evolving? Apart from the staunch, selfishness from desiring ultimate power over nature, money is a greater incentive and driving force. So much that inconveniently telling a lie isn't much of a problem for the theologist, Al Gore. He is after all an expert at making people feel guilty every time they exhale, spewing harmful CO2 into the atmosphere. Flying around the world in his personal jet, it's easy to imagine him thinking, "You sinners! How dare you take deep breaths! Give me your money or else cause the Earth too much warmth." Leaning to one side of his seat in his jet, he farts, softly chuckling while he checks to make sure nobody noticed his smug. The sinner.


Contrary to the notion set by those who want to keep a certain level of orderly panic, spreading rumors of doom and gloom for the earth's global temperature, more notable sources suggest that "all four major global temperature tracking outlets have released data showing that temperatures have dropped significantly over the last year." California meteorologist Anthony Watts says the amount of cooling ranges from 65-hundredths of a degree Centigrade to 75-hundreds of a degree. This is said to be a value large enough to erase nearly all the global warming recorded over the past 100 years. “I believe that our [man-made] contribution [to climate change] may be far less than has been postulated. Our measurement network has been compromised—not intentionally, but accidentally and through carelessness,” he said.

Other scientists contend the cooling is the result of reduced solar activity — which they say is a larger driver of climate change than human-made greenhouse gases. This makes sense too, considering the sun’s magnetic field affects the Earth’s magnetic field, in turn affecting how radiation permeates our atmosphere. “So that’s why I believe the sun is more of a driver than people think,” Watts said. “The amount of power associated with the sun’s magnetic field, the Earth’s magnetic field, is really beyond our comprehension. It is a much, much larger thing than what we can produce in terms of energy to change ourselves."

This isn't to say skeptics of human-made global warming are not pro-green: Watts lives in an Energy Star-rated home with solar panels, and during his term on the school board he pushed for the solar panels that now generate clean power at a local elementary school. He further exemplifies this by saying, "I’m for removing pollutants from the atmosphere, but I’m skeptical about CO2 as the main driver for climate change.” Furthermore, Watts adds, “I believe it’s a factor, but I don’t believe it’s a main one.”

Interestingly, Canadian scientists are seeking additional funding for more and better “eyes” with which to observe our sun, which has a bigger impact on Earth’s climate than all the tailpipes and smokestacks on our planet combined. They’re worried about Global Cooling, not Global Warming. This brings me to my next point, if Global Warming is caused by humans, then this Global Cooling movement must intrinsically be the fault of humans going too green. Where are all of the hummers driving on the streets when we need them most? This snow must go!

I blame Global Cooling on everyone going too green; because, afterall, if we over-exaggerate this movement and push too little amount of precious CO2 into our atmosphere, we are cooling our planet down! This must stop, or else we will surely push our planet into another ice age quicker than one can say "I drive a hybrid, thaaaaaanks!" Without even realizing it, this smug is causing the globe freezing issues, depriving Earth of its natural oxygen, and killing the Sun's ability to warm up our cold planet. The tree's truly must hate us now.

While a Hoover Institution Study a few years back says that “try as we might, we simply could not find any relationship between industrial activity, energy consumption and changes in global temperatures.” I say bah! This is an outrage, it is a lie to carefully cover up a fib from which this going-green movement is thrusting our planet into another potential ice age. The study concludes that if you shut down all the world's power plants and factories, "there would not be much effect on temperatures." Likewise, if we do produce more factories for oil and gas, then our planet may finally heat back up to more normal levels; thus, allowing our human-made harmful global cooling affects to halt these record cold temperature levels we continue to see dooming our planet. If evidence to you suggest we can cause Global Warming, then surely we can cause Global Cooling.

Do you see how rediculous it is to argue this, let alone jest at the idea of human-caused "global cooling?" If you're a strong critic for Global Warming caused by humans, then you must believe we can cause Global Cooling. Which is counter-productive to the theory suggesting CO2 is the main driver for causing Global Warming. If this is you, it might be a good idea to reconsider the message it is you're attempting to fear others into believing. You're not fooling Earth, nor the Sun, you're only fooling yourself. But if it makes you happy handing Al Gore a portion of your paycheck to thank him for his smug, his fake movie, then be my guest. My take is that you'll see your money go to a better cause by donating to NASA, or just as beneficial, donate to help further stem cell research. The best part about donating to either research, there's no smug required.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

California Golden Bears take on Oregon State Beavers - College Football Prime Time!

Oregon State's tailback Jacquizz Rodgers is the 'Point-A plot line' for the team's dominant play this season. He leads the Pac-10 in rushing with 121.0 yards per game, and is the only player in the conference averaging over 100 yards per contest. I've never seen such a small player drive the football down field so consistently, and with so much power game after game! Without his athletic ability, excellent vision and balance, Beaver football might not be what it is today.

During the first half of today's game it was the Oregon State Beavers special teams play providing momentum, as their offense found themselves up against a stout Bears defense. The Bears scored first, but the Beavers quickly responded when James Rodgers took one to the house with an 86 yard kickoff return for a touchdown. Not long thereafter OSU's Sammie Stroughter returned a 56 yard Cal punt to the Bears' 2-yard line, setting up a two-yard plunge for a 14-7 lead.

End of Game update: for the entirety of the game both teams fought hard, scoring scoring back and forth keeping it close; however, the Beavers look to keep their Rose Bowl dream alive! Go Beavs!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One for the Ages: 'Tropic Thunder' makes me Laugh

Here's yet another summer flick I never got to see, though it's one I certainly can't wait to watch! Comedies are definitely my favorite, too. Unfortunately sometimes the previews tend to show all of the funny parts, leaving the rest of the movie to be somewhat boring. You know what I'm talking about. After watching the preview to a movie you decide it's worth the $10 to go see it, which is $20 with a date and $50 after ordering a small soda and popcorn; you find your seat in the theatre, wrap your arm around the hottie next to you, and both of you sit there thinking it'll be a hilarious night. Lo and behold, during a second or third yawn session mid-movie you realize everything's been shown to you already. I hate that!

Fortunately, when Tropic Thunder played in theatres my brother forked over the cash to go see it himself. In his critique after watching it, apparently this is one of the rare movies where even the previews don't give justice to its humor. Chuckling to myself (still) after watching the above trailer for Tropic Thunder, I hope my brother is right! I love a good laugh. He's set my expectations for the movie to be pretty high, however, I won't be surprised if it's even funnier than what I now imagine. With an awesome cast of actors who are known for their humor, it's got to be good!

So hopefully this movie is 'one for the ages,' whatever that means. One for laughter and another for fun - or is it just one for laughter and fun? Anyways. If the trailer videos make you chuckle, expect much more from the actual film. Or so I've been told.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Humor of Fantasy Football Trash Talking

Do you play Fantasy Football? I do. It's a great way to get more involved while watching sports. If you don't know much about the sport or the player's who play the game you love to watch—or wish you enjoyed more—fantasy sports help make it happen. Not only does it allow one to learn about the entire league and its player's, but knowing more about them gives an upper hand to fantasy team owner's vying for a Championship win.

Due to the deeply rooted competitive nature all of us share, losing is simply a non-option, not without taking heat. Because fantasy sports are more fun to play with friends, family, or more competitively for money, it's easy to imagine trash talking as a inevitable relation to the game. Unfortunately, it's much more difficult to trash talk when the team you've built happens to be losing. This is the case for my fantasy football team this season.

During the first season playing in The Erwin Invitational Fantasy Football League, my team dominated! In 2005 I had "Mr. Touchdown" Shaun Alexander, Carson Palmer during his best season performance ever, Torry Holt still in his prime, a former U.S. Marine turned football player Mike Anderson, along with many other great football player's. I had a Championship caliber team.

What's amazing is how quickly things can change. Given the high injury rate of football player's, the shortened career potential due to injuries, and by chance having a stressful year in 'the real world,' a team can go from top to bottom in just a few seasons. I never did win the Championship game, after making it there I lost to my brother's team. This was the beginning of a downward spiral from there on out. I went from having a 10-3 season the following year, one in which I lost the first round of the playoffs, to an even worse season after that one. Four years into The Erwin Invitational I now find myself resting at the bottom of our league standings. It's been rough. To make matters worse, league trash talking is beginning to direct its attention toward my team – at me, to be more specific.

Here's the latest comedy from our very own league "Liberal Media" news wire:

Coach Erwin Goes Postal!

While Coach Erwin of the Muddy Grunts has been on the hot seat all season and may be near the end of his tenure, he has remained calm and could be called anything but hostile…until now. Early this morning Coach Erwin went on an insane shooting frenzy, shooting 32 and killing 12. To make matters worse, the rage that triggered his “gone postal” actions began in his own locker room where he shot and injured 8 of his own players. Included in this coach on player violence was former Heisman trophy winner Carson Palmer, as well as Jeremy Shockey, Sammy Morris, Ahman Green, L.J. Smith, Kerry Collins, Dan Orlovsky, and Ernie Sims.

While nobody knows for sure exactly what triggered Coach Erwin’s movement of violence, our experts all agree it was most likely a combination of factors that allowed the buildup of enormous stress and pressure while also effectively preventing Coach Erwin a healthy outlet for his stress. Most analysts believe Coach Erwin’s high stress level began after failing to make the super bowl two years ago. After taking over a team that was more than capable of winning a championship, Coach Erwin’s discipline dropped down a notch, as did his number of wins. Last year, he went 7-6. Currently, his team is 3-6 on the season and is a miracle away from making the playoffs. Additionally, his lack of leadership has allowed his players to consistently under-perform without consequence. A few weeks ago, coach Erwin used the age old excuse that for his team, “this is a rebuilding year.” But Erwin has done anything but rebuild his team. He hasn’t made any trades, and has failed to make any blind bids on the waiver wire which has proven to be one of the most successful and efficient tools for rebuilding any team.

If this doesn’t sound like the type of situation that would make a coach go insane enough to kill, that’s because you haven’t heard what experts are saying lit the fuse on this ticking time bomb. Two days after Barack Obama is elected President of the United States, Coach Erwin goes on a shooting frenzy…Coincidence? We think not. Coach Erwin was a public supporter of John McCain throughout the election process, and has also made his harsh feelings on Obama public as well. Coach Erwin was quoted yesterday, just hours before his blood thirsty rage, saying “Change? We don’t need change!! The Muddy Grunts don’t need change!! We need wins, not change!! If I wanted change, I’d give a dollar to a bank teller!!” While it was clear there was anger in his voice, it was more unclear if what Erwin said was just a bad joke, or a misunderstanding of the definition of change. Either way, the election seems to have pushed Erwin over the edge of reason.

After shooting 32 people, and finally running out of ammunition, Coach Erwin gave himself up screaming “You want change!! Here’s your f***ing change!!” as he threw nickels and dimes at innocent spectators and injured victims. While Coach Erwin is facing extremely harsh penalties for his actions, including the death penalty, experts predict his brother, the coach of The Channel 4 News Team, will bail him out with his connections as commissioner, similar to what happened in the marijuana scandal that just happened to magically disappear out of the record books without a trace.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Will the real Barack Obama please stand up?

Whether duped into electing him or, similar to the cause of impulse shopping and random purchases, Obama's record spending on advertising during the election campaign is living proof that marketing does indeed sway people one way or another. The billions Obama spent did get people to vote for a man we know very little about; but regardless, the fact is a majority of citizens living in the United States of America have spoken. Without going into too much detail about the heartbreaking loss for McCain's campaign, here we wait for Barack Obama to take control of the White House and move the country into a new direction. After all, that's exactly what everyone voted for: change.

The best part for Democrats is the fact they now hold a majority vote in the U.S. House and Senate, and above all else, with presidency in the White House too. So what happens when Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid are all in charge for the Democrats? They can slam through their agenda. And they will. "This will be a wave upon a wave," Pelosi said.

So now we have to deal with the Democratic party having full control of the U.S. for the next two years. Flashbacks from overregulation during the Clinton era when the party controlled only both Congress and the White House back in 1992 come to mind. Despite Obama's pledge for change pushed down our throats during his campaign, we will get much more than bargained for. It may take time for all of the mistakes to kick in, but you can count on them happening. Let me explain.

We know very little about Obama, due in part because most of his experience in politics was gained campaigning for elections; and just as slick, he's got an interesting legislative voting history, recording a total of 129 "present" votes. Looking further into his 'present' voting record, one of Obama evading tough issues or refusing to support common-sense legislation, Obama portrays himself as someone voters can "trust to tell the truth and skip the usual political games." What we know of him are only what Obama told us to believe, which was spun to us throughout his campaign to the White House - his promises to the American people.

What are some of Obama's promises and how are they likely to shape out?

Obama pledged to give Americans who make less than $200,000 a year a tax cut (95 percent of taxpayers), and raise taxes on those making above $250,000 a year. However, now that we have a majority of Democratic congressional leaders in charge of the House and Senate, as well Obama soon in the White House, his "pledge" is very likely to get scaled back and give fewer people a tax cut. A lot more people will face higher taxes than Obama had voters believe.

During the last few weeks of his campaign, Obama discretely re-defined his definition of middle class. Joe Biden shrunk the middle class defining them as people making under $150,000 a year, and Bill Richardson cited those making under $120,000. Both figures are well below the $250,000 Obama had promised as the threshold for a tax increase. Unfortunately for all of us, it gets worse.

Here's another 'actions speak louder than words' problem, Obama's pledge contradicts his actual voting record. Obama voted twice in favor of the Democrats' FY 2009 budget resolution, which would raise taxes on individuals earning approximately $42,000 or more. "The resolution Obama voted for would not have increased taxes on any single taxpayer making less than $41,500 per year in total income, or any couple making less than $83,000..." (FactCheck, 7/11/08). Obama says one thing but his actions continue to suggest another. Does that sound like someone we can trust? Holding a voting record like this, I'm not sure if reality will coexist with his advertised promises.

On the other hand there's also a very slim chance that--just maybe--Obama sticks to his pledge. In which case, I will be wrong and Obama will prove that he can gain our trust with intregrity, which agreeably is something the American people deserve from our President. After all, he is in a sense taking office with a 'clean slate' and fresh start. So it's up to him to decide how much damage he does to his own reputation. For the sake of America, hopefully Obama proves me horribly wrong. It would truly be an amazing act if he were to shift my "disapproval" of him to "approval." It's not impossible for him to do so, but his actions will decide whether or not I ultimately approve of him.

Will this date be the End of an Error - or the beginning of an eight year term, due to Obama actually moving the U.S. toward positive change?

It's completely up to Obama.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween is Over - What Now? 'Voting Season!'

Earlier this week I took time out of my excruciatingly busy week to vote. Prior to bubbling in the votes I contemplated why I am choosing to vote for whom I did. I'll even admit, there were some Democrats I picked over Republicans because I felt those individuals were more qualified; however, two Republicans I can assure you received my vote are Presidential Candidate John McCain and Dino Rossi for Governor of Washington State.

Regarding John McCain, there are several reasons why I voted for him rather than his challenger Barack Obama. Since I am a Marine Corps veteran having served in Iraq, I share a powerful sentiment with my fellow veterans, and who we feel is more qualified to be the next President of the United States of America. I recently watched this video on YouTube: Dear Mr. Obama, one in which provides a shared view point I have regarding Obama. During a portion of what the Iraqi veteran discussed in the video, he said this:

"Dear Mr Obama having spent 12 months in Iraq theatre I can promise you it's not a mistake."

"When you call the Iraqi war a mistake you disrespect the service and sacrifice of everyone who has died promoting freedom... Because you do not understand or appreciate these principles Sir, I am supporting Senator John McCain for president."

This is one very good reason why, earlier this week, I mailed in my ballot to vote for John McCain.

I thought over the whole taxes thing too. Because, after all, if Obama is elected President I apparently fall under his selected category of individuals to receive a freebie handout - due to Obama's wealth distribution plan. But then I asked myself, "Has Obama EVER gone back on his word?" He has. Then I wondered how, "Aren't tax decreases something conservatives typically do, and not Democrats?"

The only likely change I see is watching Obama shift his position (again) to tax the crap out of every single one of us once he's done with the rich. You just wait. It'll be like the time he stuffed his pockets full of pilfered money from now mostly defunct corporations. All this so that he'd turn his back on a oncoming financial crisis, one that he somehow was able to spin well enough to have a positive impact on his own campaign. Although, to his discredit, the liberal media played a very large role helping Obama sweep his mistakes under the rug. Luckily, there are a few honest reporters out there willing to admit this, such as the Democrat who wrote the article I linked-to via the previous sentence.

I have no idea who will win the election, but what can be assured is that I did my part to help put John McCain in office. I believe he will do an excellent job serving for our country as President; McCain has a proven history of doing so in the most extraordinary circumstances. He's proven to me that he will make it his number one priority to keep America safe, while also improving our economic difficulties at the same time.

During a recent interview on CNBC, John McCain has said keeping taxes under control is key to our economic revival, especially the capital gains tax. "That signal has been very clear, and I think people ought to pay attention to it," the Arizona senator told CNBC. "It's been tried before in other countries, and policies of other left-liberal Administrations; it doesn't work; it's bad for America. We want to encourage the investor class, and that means capital-gains and dividend taxes are low."

The article reads, "[McCain] denounced his opponent's tax policies as detrimental to small business, and thus to economic revival itself." Likewise, McCain continues to offer a reasonable explanation telling viewers that "Senator Obama's proposal would tax half of all small business income," he said. "Some 16 million jobs in America would be at risk, and then you put on top of that, he'll force his mandated health-care plan on small businesses, their employees and their children. It's not good for America." And I completely agree with Senator John McCain. You can watch John McCain's interview on the Economy here.

I don't know if John McCain will win - I certainly hope he does. After voting for him, I sure did my part to help.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

All Press is NOT Equal in Value!

From his blog post titled, All Press Is Good Press? Cliff Mason, the Senior Writer for Mad Money set the record straight; he asks, "why does the media hold a cable-television host [Jim Cramer] to a higher standard than CEOs and top federal policy makers?" Mad Money prides itself on "the part about accountability." Contrarily, you'll never hear Bernanke or Paulson apologize for failing Investors, "for failing to take steps that would've prevented or at least tamed the current crisis earlier," wrote Mason in his most recent blog. Mason continues by explaining, "Bernanke spent a year worrying about inflation ahead of the biggest deflationary spiral since the Great Depression, but hardly anyone ever tries to give him a hard time, and certainly not with the vitriol of the usual Cramer-hater."

More noticeably now than ever, in the opinion of a 1-In-100 Blogger, apparently all press is NOT equal in value; especially to the Investor or Trader who count on trustworthy, accountable market analysis. Mason reiterates that, "Other than John McCain, where are the people calling for the head, or at least the resignation, of SEC Chairman Chris Cox?"

Instead, they focus on bashing the one guy who's known for telling the world how things really are; including but not limited to his reputable calls on 8.03.07 (Cramer's rant heard round the world), on 3.20.08 (regarding the uptick-rule), then again on 7.15.08 (his short selling rant), again on 7.21.08 (his outrage about the SEC allowing fear in the market), and also on 9.16.08 (another outrage regarding SEC chairmen Cox' idiocy).

It's no wonder The Ben Bernanke Effect hammers the market every time he speaks publicly. So why hasn't the media made note of this yet? It seems these days they are more worried about their ratings slipping than providing valuable market analysis, which is exactly what viewers can expect to hear from during Jim Cramer's Mad Money. I suppose, to their defense, I'd be worried too if I had to compete with one of the most brilliant investors of our time for ratings.

By now it's likely obvious how I feel about Jim Cramer, he's truly an incredible inspiration for us college students! To be honest, I wish he'd make a trip to the University of Washington; unfortunately, it's not up to me to decide which college he visits. For those wondering who Jim Cramer is and what drives his passion to help other people get rich, to make real 'Mad Money' in the market (whether you're a college student or post-college investor), after watching this video you'll know exactly why he does it. The man is a legend in my book - Booyah Jim Cramer!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

How Cool is Indiana Jones? THIS much!

I haven't seen the latest movie yet - Indiana Jones and the Kindom of the Crystal Skull. I'm a poor college student, what can I say? But there is something about the Indiana Jones story-line I've always liked, probably ever since I was a child, after noticing my father took a liking to all of the movies. Naturally, it was easy for me to do the same. In fact, now that I think of it, I remember going to Disneyland with my family as a child; this was before Disneyland's Indiana Jones' Temple of the Forbidden Eye was added there. Although in this particular occasion we must have been vacationing in Disneyland only weeks or so after watching all of the Indiana Jones movies. Harrison Ford is such a badass - he couldn't ever die! He was an action hero, and in this kids' eye, he is a living action hero.

Back to Disneyland. So, as this young kid searching for a his own real-life action hero, I remember noticing my dad stop at one of those souvenir shops during our 'adventure' from one awesome ride to another. It was during this adventure my dad just had to purchase what at the time I believed to be a really cool looking cowboy hat. Wide eyed and wanting my own, I probably even yelled something along the lines of "COWBOY HAT" to my dad. Asking tons of questions too. I always ask questions. Sometimes I wonder if there are enough answers to all of my questions. In either case, this time, there was an answer to my 'cowboy hat' comment/yell/screech/question that I likely asked over and over to my dad. His response? Taking a strikingly similar pose to the real deal, he says, "It's the official, real Indiana Jones hat."

Immediately, at that time, he became Indiana Jones. Not really but you know - in a way, as a kid, you know what I mean. My father the action hero, Indiana Jones. Ha! Gotta love being a kid, eh? The fact is I was excited when I heard about another Indiana Jones movie being created. So I'm a little surprised at myself for not having watched the movie yet. To ease my regained anticipation for the release of the DVD (more realistically, the release on HBO - I'm a poor college student, remember?), in the meantime I found this cool widget showing the trailer and older videos of Indiana Jones. It helps. Though, I still want to see the movie.

The Collapse of Democratic Capitalism?

After reading this article, a letter from Andrew Lahde to be more specific, Hedge Fund Manager: Goodbye ... And Think Pot -- I am going to be completely honest, it's the first time I may actually "get it," (sort of). I understand now, what is inevitable, and due to the causes for such a downfall in capitalism: notably on the issue of the U.S. Government and, more specifically the corruption and idiocy of Congress over the last eight years.

As a young American, one who has so much pride in my country--as a veteran, too--I am utterly disappointed in and frustrated with the foolishness and greed infiltrating our government. How dare they cause this horrible atrocity, creating such harsh economic times -- so bad in fact, we are now in position as US citizens to becoming forced into socialism through higher taxes and stricter socialist policies. And who will lead this Socialist Revolution? Ah--but one of them, the corrupt, Barack Obama and his pilfered pockets full of cash from now mostly defunct institutions. All cash received, of course, in order to hide behind what became a wall of doom. The inevitable fall of democratic capitalism.

Thanks Obama, thank you greed: shall I turn around now? May I have another?

While it may take another several times re-reading the letter to fully understand it (while also doing other research myself, too), I am disappointed. More so because I believe our government is set up in a way to defeat such corruption. No one single source or legislation should have such power to cause this destruction of Capitalism. Isn't that what the full extent of our government is designed to protect itself from? How did so many greedy socialists infiltrate our government, to the point where they actually caused, or can possibly cause, the fall of democratic capitalism? How on earth did it get this bad without anyone taking action to stop it from happening?

Funny thing is, Corporate America owns Congress. Something the article brings to light. Which is probably true to a very extreme extent. So, then, the only hope I have in our great country, our economy and democratic capitalism, is that Corporate America comes to its senses and makes damn sure we don't become socialist. Hope that a Socialist majority doesn't take control of Congress and, at the same time, allow a socialist President to gain power in office - Barack Obama. Ideally I would like to say socialism should stay completely out of America. It doesn't belong here. However, sadly and unfortunately, it appears the worst case scenario is already here.

Something I truly believed in and have proven to be willing to sacrafice my life for, for the greater good and continued prosperity of the best country on Earth: America, its constitution, and the right to have an opportunity to live the American Dream; I have to ponder the concern, are we really one step away to living out this foretold collapse? If so America, we can say hello to our worst nightmare: a President we can call Barack Hussein Obama. The corrupt socialist who, in part, caused our fall and will lead us to true change, a revolution per say, ultimately toppling democratic capitalism.

Shall we also change our name from the United States of America, too? Something Barack Obama may hope for, such as the United Socialist States of America? Yeah... that sounds about right. Right?


I, for one, will dearly miss who I consider a great President for our country, President Bush. In his own words, "As we make the regulatory and institutional changes necessary to avoid a repeat of this crisis, it is essential that we preserve the foundations of democratic capitalism — a commitment to free markets, free enterprise, and free trade," Bush said. "We must resist the dangerous temptation of economic isolationism and continue the policies of open markets that have lifted standards of living and helped millions of people escape poverty around the world."

Progress should "seek agreement on principles of reform needed to avoid a repetition of the problems and assure global prosperity in the future."

I have utmost confidence in President Bush, and I have confidence in the United States of America. I also have full trust in the capabilities and intent of hopeful President John McCain. Only time will tell whether my confidence is merely a hint of foolish thoughts, dreaming of 'how it once was'.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oregon State vs. Washington

Game time, baby! I predict a very well played game by the Oregon State Beavers... and the Washington Huskies? Well, without Locker they've got absolutely nothing to stop the Beavers from thrashing them all game long. I love UW academics, but I can't say my love for Beaver football will ever go away. Go Beavs!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The American Dream, simple Economics, and the Final Presidential Debate

In the words of John McCain, "Nobody likes taxes. Let's not raise anybody's taxes."

Obama and McCain sparred sharply over taxes, using the example of an Ohio man who's become known on the campaign trail as "Joe the Plumber." This is a person, I believe, who represents the average American, a hard-working individual who wants to create wealth for himself and by doing so, provide jobs to others allowing them to create personal wealth as well.

"Joe was trying to realize the American dream. ... We're going to take Joe's money, give it to Senator Obama and let him spread the wealth around," McCain said during the Debate Wednesday night. In other words, Obama wants to increase small business tax and move closer to socialism--wealth distribution--taking money from those who work hard to earn it and into the hands of people who, regardless of their 'need', didn't work a day of their life to earn Joe's money. Obama wants to take Joe's money and let Big-Government choose where to put it. To me, this doesn't seem right. In fact, it sounds like robbery: it's increasing taxes.

Regardless of the fact that raising taxes will ultimately cause an even further economic slowdown, there are a wide number of other issues this will cause. After a very short-term 'boost' of money the government may receive, the true effect of raising taxes will actually provide the government with less money. It doesn't take a genius to understand this either. If you increase the tax burden of small businesses, this creates less jobs while also restricting businesses from reinvesting their money into growth and innovation. There will be less money going to the government from a decrease in working taxpayers, and there will be less taxable profits going back into the business itself; thus, less money going to the government. Obviously this is a very simple explanation of the cause from increasing taxes, but it makes sense. At least, that is, if we're on the topic of economics it does.

Under Obama's wealth distribution plan, there are also those who will receive the money they didn't earn - creating a false sense of security for them, telling those people "it's OK to not work hard, forget about incentives, other people will do it for you." This brings forth a whole new set of issues that are already damaging the nation. It's called accountability.

I say we lower taxes, increase the incentive to work hard for your money, and allow 'Joe the Plumber' the opportunity to acheive the American Dream.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


So much to say, lot's to discuss, but not sure where to start.

What is a blog anyway?

It's sort of like a diary, I think; only, anyone can read it. Maybe I should have rules? But why? If this blog is for me, to express myself to me, or others, then won't I be restricting myself? OK, so no rules then... just enjoy.

I do enjoy writing.

I suppose the odds are in my favor, indicating at some point I'll write something stupid that doesn't make sense. At least, I suppose later on if I go back and read it again, I might see some floundering error in my thought process. Oh well, maybe that's the point of a blog, or blogging, or whatever.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I've Got Nothing

If you somehow find this blog--empty as is--you might be wondering why there's nothing here. It's because I just started it. I'll add more later, when not so tired from the school week. UW is really good about making sure students remain as high stressed and exhausted as can be by the end of each week. So my creativity and thoughts are not yet ready to post something. Well, um, something of interest that is. Until another day, maybe tomorrow...