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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

All Press is NOT Equal in Value!

From his blog post titled, All Press Is Good Press? Cliff Mason, the Senior Writer for Mad Money set the record straight; he asks, "why does the media hold a cable-television host [Jim Cramer] to a higher standard than CEOs and top federal policy makers?" Mad Money prides itself on "the part about accountability." Contrarily, you'll never hear Bernanke or Paulson apologize for failing Investors, "for failing to take steps that would've prevented or at least tamed the current crisis earlier," wrote Mason in his most recent blog. Mason continues by explaining, "Bernanke spent a year worrying about inflation ahead of the biggest deflationary spiral since the Great Depression, but hardly anyone ever tries to give him a hard time, and certainly not with the vitriol of the usual Cramer-hater."

More noticeably now than ever, in the opinion of a 1-In-100 Blogger, apparently all press is NOT equal in value; especially to the Investor or Trader who count on trustworthy, accountable market analysis. Mason reiterates that, "Other than John McCain, where are the people calling for the head, or at least the resignation, of SEC Chairman Chris Cox?"

Instead, they focus on bashing the one guy who's known for telling the world how things really are; including but not limited to his reputable calls on 8.03.07 (Cramer's rant heard round the world), on 3.20.08 (regarding the uptick-rule), then again on 7.15.08 (his short selling rant), again on 7.21.08 (his outrage about the SEC allowing fear in the market), and also on 9.16.08 (another outrage regarding SEC chairmen Cox' idiocy).

It's no wonder The Ben Bernanke Effect hammers the market every time he speaks publicly. So why hasn't the media made note of this yet? It seems these days they are more worried about their ratings slipping than providing valuable market analysis, which is exactly what viewers can expect to hear from during Jim Cramer's Mad Money. I suppose, to their defense, I'd be worried too if I had to compete with one of the most brilliant investors of our time for ratings.

By now it's likely obvious how I feel about Jim Cramer, he's truly an incredible inspiration for us college students! To be honest, I wish he'd make a trip to the University of Washington; unfortunately, it's not up to me to decide which college he visits. For those wondering who Jim Cramer is and what drives his passion to help other people get rich, to make real 'Mad Money' in the market (whether you're a college student or post-college investor), after watching this video you'll know exactly why he does it. The man is a legend in my book - Booyah Jim Cramer!

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