A 1-In-100 Blogger: The Collapse of Democratic Capitalism?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Collapse of Democratic Capitalism?

After reading this article, a letter from Andrew Lahde to be more specific, Hedge Fund Manager: Goodbye ... And Think Pot -- I am going to be completely honest, it's the first time I may actually "get it," (sort of). I understand now, what is inevitable, and due to the causes for such a downfall in capitalism: notably on the issue of the U.S. Government and, more specifically the corruption and idiocy of Congress over the last eight years.

As a young American, one who has so much pride in my country--as a veteran, too--I am utterly disappointed in and frustrated with the foolishness and greed infiltrating our government. How dare they cause this horrible atrocity, creating such harsh economic times -- so bad in fact, we are now in position as US citizens to becoming forced into socialism through higher taxes and stricter socialist policies. And who will lead this Socialist Revolution? Ah--but one of them, the corrupt, Barack Obama and his pilfered pockets full of cash from now mostly defunct institutions. All cash received, of course, in order to hide behind what became a wall of doom. The inevitable fall of democratic capitalism.

Thanks Obama, thank you greed: shall I turn around now? May I have another?

While it may take another several times re-reading the letter to fully understand it (while also doing other research myself, too), I am disappointed. More so because I believe our government is set up in a way to defeat such corruption. No one single source or legislation should have such power to cause this destruction of Capitalism. Isn't that what the full extent of our government is designed to protect itself from? How did so many greedy socialists infiltrate our government, to the point where they actually caused, or can possibly cause, the fall of democratic capitalism? How on earth did it get this bad without anyone taking action to stop it from happening?

Funny thing is, Corporate America owns Congress. Something the article brings to light. Which is probably true to a very extreme extent. So, then, the only hope I have in our great country, our economy and democratic capitalism, is that Corporate America comes to its senses and makes damn sure we don't become socialist. Hope that a Socialist majority doesn't take control of Congress and, at the same time, allow a socialist President to gain power in office - Barack Obama. Ideally I would like to say socialism should stay completely out of America. It doesn't belong here. However, sadly and unfortunately, it appears the worst case scenario is already here.

Something I truly believed in and have proven to be willing to sacrafice my life for, for the greater good and continued prosperity of the best country on Earth: America, its constitution, and the right to have an opportunity to live the American Dream; I have to ponder the concern, are we really one step away to living out this foretold collapse? If so America, we can say hello to our worst nightmare: a President we can call Barack Hussein Obama. The corrupt socialist who, in part, caused our fall and will lead us to true change, a revolution per say, ultimately toppling democratic capitalism.

Shall we also change our name from the United States of America, too? Something Barack Obama may hope for, such as the United Socialist States of America? Yeah... that sounds about right. Right?


I, for one, will dearly miss who I consider a great President for our country, President Bush. In his own words, "As we make the regulatory and institutional changes necessary to avoid a repeat of this crisis, it is essential that we preserve the foundations of democratic capitalism — a commitment to free markets, free enterprise, and free trade," Bush said. "We must resist the dangerous temptation of economic isolationism and continue the policies of open markets that have lifted standards of living and helped millions of people escape poverty around the world."

Progress should "seek agreement on principles of reform needed to avoid a repetition of the problems and assure global prosperity in the future."

I have utmost confidence in President Bush, and I have confidence in the United States of America. I also have full trust in the capabilities and intent of hopeful President John McCain. Only time will tell whether my confidence is merely a hint of foolish thoughts, dreaming of 'how it once was'.


Anonymous said...

This is not the collapse of capitalism, it is the collapse of mercantilism. In 1913, a cartel of wall street banks managed to get the congress to give them a monopoly on issuing fiat currency, and the upshot is that we've had bigger market bubbles ever since.

If you want it to end, then abolish central banking and repeal the legal tender laws.

Roger Ritthaler said...

Please read Murray N. Rothbard's "What Has Government Done To Our Money" at http://mises.org/money.asp.