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Sunday, October 19, 2008

How Cool is Indiana Jones? THIS much!

I haven't seen the latest movie yet - Indiana Jones and the Kindom of the Crystal Skull. I'm a poor college student, what can I say? But there is something about the Indiana Jones story-line I've always liked, probably ever since I was a child, after noticing my father took a liking to all of the movies. Naturally, it was easy for me to do the same. In fact, now that I think of it, I remember going to Disneyland with my family as a child; this was before Disneyland's Indiana Jones' Temple of the Forbidden Eye was added there. Although in this particular occasion we must have been vacationing in Disneyland only weeks or so after watching all of the Indiana Jones movies. Harrison Ford is such a badass - he couldn't ever die! He was an action hero, and in this kids' eye, he is a living action hero.

Back to Disneyland. So, as this young kid searching for a his own real-life action hero, I remember noticing my dad stop at one of those souvenir shops during our 'adventure' from one awesome ride to another. It was during this adventure my dad just had to purchase what at the time I believed to be a really cool looking cowboy hat. Wide eyed and wanting my own, I probably even yelled something along the lines of "COWBOY HAT" to my dad. Asking tons of questions too. I always ask questions. Sometimes I wonder if there are enough answers to all of my questions. In either case, this time, there was an answer to my 'cowboy hat' comment/yell/screech/question that I likely asked over and over to my dad. His response? Taking a strikingly similar pose to the real deal, he says, "It's the official, real Indiana Jones hat."

Immediately, at that time, he became Indiana Jones. Not really but you know - in a way, as a kid, you know what I mean. My father the action hero, Indiana Jones. Ha! Gotta love being a kid, eh? The fact is I was excited when I heard about another Indiana Jones movie being created. So I'm a little surprised at myself for not having watched the movie yet. To ease my regained anticipation for the release of the DVD (more realistically, the release on HBO - I'm a poor college student, remember?), in the meantime I found this cool widget showing the trailer and older videos of Indiana Jones. It helps. Though, I still want to see the movie.

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