A 1-In-100 Blogger: My Favorite, 'Best of the Big Game' Super Bowl Ads

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Favorite, 'Best of the Big Game' Super Bowl Ads


This is one of my favorites for several reasons: it reminds viewers of the award winning Hyundai Brand name, and also keeps the audience interested by using funny, clean, and very clever humor. Most people can probably relate to the "Hyundai" Ad simply because the name truly is mispronounced a lot; however, now we also know "Win One Little Award And Everyone Gets Your Name Right."

Bud Light Meeting:

Awesome Ad! It's described as "Corporate bean counter proposes no Bud Light at meetings to cut budget." They kept it simple, funny, and it was one of the first Ads played during the Super Bowl. In my opinion, this is the best Bud Light / Budweiser advertisement aired.


Google's "don't be evil" motto has been the target of the occasional critic. Hulu, however, has declared in its hyped-up Super Bowl TV ad that it is evil--and it's not making any apologies. To make this commercial all-the-more appealing, Hulu couldn't have picked a better star with veteran actor Alec Baldwin, who is currently in the cast of the NBC show 30 Rock.

E*trade Baby:

It's cute, grabs the attention of viewers, and the ad continues to reinforce the E*Trade Brand awareness campaign. I can't say for sure if this ad directly correlates with E*Trade's "1,000 new accounts per day" slogan, but I can say the E*Trade Baby provides the online broker with a unique Brand image that's positively increased the companies Brand Equity.

Free Doritos:

'Two nobodies from nowhere' craft winning Super Bowl ad - this is by far one of the more popular Ads aired during this years Super Bowl. In one word to descibe it, "Hilarious!"

LMAO Syndrome:


Almost made the cut:
Founded by Bob Parsons in 1997, The Go Daddy Group has grown to include more than 32 million domains under management. GoDaddy.com is the world's largest domain name registrar and is the flagship company of The Go Daddy Group, Inc. While the Go Daddy Super Bowl Ads have been known to show "content that is fun, edgy and just a bit inappropriate for some individuals," the 2009 Super Bowl advertisement lacks attitude and an objective goal for its intended audience. After watching the ad, many viewers were left laughing but still somewhat unsure what Go Daddy is; moreover, questions may linger, viewers asking themselves what does the ad want us to do, and what are the intended viewers supposed to think after watching the ad? However, if there's one thing I'm sure of it's that the commercials they show during the Super Bowl are HOT! Click here to go see GoDaddy's TV Ads!

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