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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Why Travian is the Best Browser Game of the Year

In 2008, many popular MMORPG's (which stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) have created new meaning to online gaming addiction. For some addicted users (or shall I say ex-users?), it prompted a need for procedures on how-to quit an MMORPG. Other MMORPG players are still on the lookout for the ultimate gaming experience; with which, one that doesn't consume an enormous amount of time to play but still offers the same excitement. During the year that was 2008, I did just that when I stumbled upon Travian. In my opinion, Travian is the Browser Game of the Year. Here's why.

For a little background on this MMORPG, Travian is a browser game with a world full of thousands of users who all begin as the leader of a small village. As time progresses in Travian, each player may choose to grow and found new villages to expand development. Each game lasts approximately 9 or 10 months, so strategy is key to building your own successful village. Do you ally with your neighbor's - possibly joining an alliance with them? Or do you instead found an alliance of your own? Are you a peaceful king or thirsty for war? If peaceful, make sure to create ally's or a strong defense so you don't get conquered by enemy forces!

Moreover, there are three tribes in Travian: Romans, Gauls, and Teutons. Each tribe has its own special advantages and disadvantages. The troop types are also substantially different between tribes. Because of these tribal traits, it's important to choose your tribe wisely! If you're unsure which tribe to choose, I personally recommend either Romans or Gauls. Romans are typically the most well-rounded, they are good at both defense and offense; Gauls are renowned for having the best defense in the game. Although not restricted to only the most addicted players, Teutons are known to be the best attackers in the game but can require more "real-time" to play. Coordinating a lot of attacks can take time to perfect, however, for the warriors out there it can be fun! The Teutons unit types are also the cheapest (in cost) to train, so for those that are thirsty for war you might like this tribe.

Travian is the Browser Game of the Year, in part due to the ease at which one can learn the MMORPG's in-game play, but also because it isn't time consuming. For users who have lives outside the MMORPG, Travian won't force you to surrender your real life in order to fully indulge yourself in the game. In fact, there will probably be times when you wish there was more to do before waiting for the next building or resource upgrade, training more troops, or to attack another village! However, don't confuse more free time with little to do when playing Travian, this game can be addictive! So check it out - your villagers await you.

If you've played the game and agree with me, feel free to vote for it!

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Anonymous said...

Hey thats Great Info.but what I think is this. Browser based game is one played on a web browser. The difference between a browser based game and other computer and video games is that there is no need to install client side software and only a web browser is required.
Thats the reason travian is known as best browser game in the year.

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Anonymous said...

count me in! travian looks fun

Clint said...


Cool review. Hadn't heard of Travian before. Thanks.


game developer said...

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Travian addict said...

LoL !
Travian doesnt take a lot of your time ?
Hell, it will leave you with no time at all.In most cases you will have to choose between travian and family (easy choice :P)
But it is one amazing game if you have the right mindset. Otherwise, back stabbing, trolling, abusing etc can make you hate urself :D