A 1-In-100 Blogger: April 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Blazermania Returns to Portland as Trail Blazers Rock NBA Nation

The Portland Trail Blazers have a long history of success in the NBA. Likewise, as an Oregon native myself, I've also experienced some hard-to-swallow bumps in the road. It's been a long time since the Blazers have had a team this exciting in Portland. Might I add--it's well worth the wait!

Currently the second youngest team in the NBA, and the youngest team to ever win 50+ games in a single season, there's a lot to be proud of with the Trail Blazers. With so much to look forward to in the future, it'll surely be exciting to watch this team grow up and thrive as they develop unity and move from young talent to a veteran playoff-seasoned team.

No doubt, Brandon Roy is the Star player on the team. More than 'NBA ready' B-Roy is versatile, a threat on both ends of the court, he's got a brilliant basketball mind, but above all else, he's a positive member in his local community. Following the 2006-07 season, Brandon Roy was named the NBA Rookie of the Year, simultaneously lifting an organization from its darkest days, a city desperately in search for its next Clyde Drexler or Terry Porter. Blazermania found their man. He's a team-leader, and in 2009, for the 2nd straight year, Brandon Roy was named NBA All-Star.

Prior to the NBA, four years at the UW Brandon Roy yielded three NCAA Tournament appearances for the Huskies, as he capped his illustrious career with Pac-10 player of the year and first-team All-America honors as a senior. Recently Roy returned to UW to ovation, the school retiring his jersey - a capstone to his amazing performance while at the University.

The No. 25 jersey of former UW great Bob Houbregs is the only other to receive such a tribute.

The young talent loaded onto this team doesn't end with Brandon Roy, either. The sensational Spaniard who set the Euro league 'ablaze' the last several years, Rudy Fernandez is another up-and-coming star. You might remember Rudy from Spain's 2008 Men's Olympics Basketball team. In the August 24, 2008 Men's Gold-Medal Game during the Olympics, Fernandez scored 22 points, with 2 rebounds and 2 assists. Spain won the Silver medal, falling short of a victory against a revived Team USA.

Then there's the 2007 #1 pick in the NBA Draft: Greg Oden.

There's also Lamarcus Aldridge, a player who's catching on fast in the NBA and quickly becoming a threat against any team or player going up against him.

The Trail Blazer's have set themselves up for an exciting decade. One in which Portland fans will hopefully be delighted to a much desired Championship. After all, history has brought success to Portland, but also pain. The team has been so close to victory, so many times! Take a look at some of history's greatest Portland Trail Blazer moments. And for good measure, in memory of Clyde Drexler, his 1995 Championship win with the Houston Rockets. Houston, you can thank Portland any time now.

Regardless of the 2009 NBA playoffs outcome for the Blazers, one thing remains true. This is still a very, very young team. This years' playoffs are a true testament and necessary learning experience for a team sure to make a return in the coming seasons. Only time will tell how great this team will make a name for itself, however, today one thing seems reasonably true: Blazermania is back! And Portland finally has a team (again) to be very proud of.

Go Blazers!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A 'Dozen' Ring Liberty Belle's Sound, 800 Cities Ring-Back

The very first anti-spending protest happened in Seattle on February 16, 2009, organized by Liberty Belle.

It was a 'Porkulus' protest ahead of its time. Barely, but still the first publicly held movement against Obama's economic agenda; more specifically, Congress and the President's wasteful spending, rising unemployment, higher taxes, unconstitutional expansion of government, and restrictions on liberty.

The following day a local Seattle news source reported, "Dozens gathered at Seattle's Westlake Park Monday to protest programs and spending they say don't belong in the President's economic stimulus plan." One video. Soon forgotten. Poof.

The main-stream-media entertains: 'What protest?'

Then it came back. In an ad hoc, grassroots citizens Tea Party movement, non-partisan protests are held in over 800 cities nationwide. As Liberty Belle explains in her blog, all it took was for frustrated citizens to "imagine that you are a left-wing college student with nothing else to do." And just like that, the nations craft-making juices start flowing, signs and banners get made, and if it takes till our last breath - 'We The People' shout to be heard!

Since her first call-to-action protest on Presidents day, when 800 cities jumped in to follow on April 15, 2009 - the "SuperBlogger" Liberty Belle stepped up to lead Seattle's Tax Day Tea Party rally:

The debt Congress is creating from within these unread, earmark-filled bills will lead to much higher tax increases, massive deficits, and hyperinflation. Our government is risking debt handed down to children not even born yet, on a sidebar chance that a never-before-been-successful plan with trillions in irresponsible spending will somehow help a struggling economy flourish.

Will it work? Can the U.S. Dollar keep up with the worst hyperinflation it will have ever seen? Should Congress or the President have the power to force this type of debt on our children, then turn around and gamble with the money on a plan that has historically always failed? Here's what Glenn Beck has to say about it:

President Obama, Congress... values really do matter in government. Maybe not to you, but you'd better listen to the Tea Party protests by the American people, because we won't go away until our representatives start to represent - We The People!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party in Seattle, Washington

Exclusive: here's a great collection of video and pictures from the Seattle (Westlake Park) tea party protest. Pajamas TV estimates overall attendance in Washington State reached 14,020 people! Low estimates suggest approximately 1,300 protesters attended the Seattle event, while attendance numbers for the tea party in Olympia suggest over 5,000 people showed up to protest and march to the State Capital for the rally. What a great turnout! Hopefully our politicians are listening and understand why we're doing this.

From downtown Seattle, Westlake Park:

My photos:

More pictures from around the Web and across the nation, an aerial pic from the Seattle Tea Party protest.

Updated: More pictures!

For more photos and comments from other citizen reporter's on the event, check out the official Pajamas TV April 15 Tea Party Web site.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Obama We Are Taxed Enough Already

Most of you know what happens on April 15th, 2009: taxes are due. Except this year it'll be different, because we're also counting down to a nationwide "Tax Day Tea Party." The day taxes are due we're gonna tea party like it's 1773! More importantly though, it's our job as Americans and as taxpayers to tell the government when enough is enough. And this day has come, Tax Day.

Inspired by CNBC Rick Santelli's Shout Heard 'Round the World, his anti-tax fervor called for the president to have "people vote on the Internet as a referendum to see if we really want to subsidize the losers' mortgages." A week later approximately 30,000 people gathered at 50 tea parties from Green Bay to Philadelphia to protest, celebrating a sentiment first made popular in Boston in 1773. Back then however, patriots threw tea into the harbor rather than pay outrageous taxes.

Today our message to politicians is simple: "Vote for the wasteful spending bill and we will find someone from the crowd to run against you and we will beat you in 2010."

Tax Day Tea Party

Counting down the days, it's clear Glenn Beck is fired up. He put together The 9-12 Project, which aims to hold Congress and President Obama accountable for their actions. This is more specifically outlined on The 9-12 Project's Mission Statement Web page.

The concept of accountability is simple. At the origin of America, our Founding Fathers built this country on 28 powerful principles. These principles were collected from all over the world and from centuries of great thinkers. Glenn Beck distilled the original 28 down to the 9 principles. Whether Republican or Democrat, "If you believe in at least seven of them," said Glenn, "then we have something in common." Across the nation it's clear there are many with something in common with Glenn Beck.

For instance, over at Pajamas TV there's the American Tea Party with Glenn Reynolds.

Then there's Fox News who reported that Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina and Texas Rep. John Culberson, a member of the House Appropriations Committee, say they will also attend the protests to show their opposition to the government's massive spending bill.

The list goes on, the revolution continues brewing, and at a city near you!

This isn't about which side of the political party you associate with, it's about holding all politicians accountable. We must come together and hold Congress and the White House accountable to the same powerful values and principles that we believe in. We must get this message through to our elected officials in government.

After all, if we asked him, what would Thomas Paine say about all of this? Take a look.

For more information, here's the Tool Kit for tea parties. It's got a bunch of Tax Day Tea Party Resources, too.