A 1-In-100 Blogger: Liberal Super-majority Brings Filibuster-Proof ‘Change’ Last Seen In 1977

Friday, May 1, 2009

Liberal Super-majority Brings Filibuster-Proof ‘Change’ Last Seen In 1977

The strategy: for Democrats to gain as much power as politically possible.

The tactic: wave the right-hand to distract, claim how far-right it’s moving; simultaneously, shift the hidden left-hand as far-left as possible.

Obama’s power-sponge grows, soaking up even more than imagined—power.

Celebrating his 100th day in office, US President Barack Obama secured unfettered power in Washington, gaining a Congressional “super-majority” not seen since 1977. Last possessed by Democrats in 1977 under President Jimmy Carter; it took over a generation for another filibuster-proof majority to resurface, making it easier for rapid progress with key items on the Democrat’s bulging legislative agenda such as healthcare reform.

As one of just three Republicans in Congress to have backed Obama's first $787 billion stimulus Bill earlier this year, Senator Specter said he was aware his vote had caused "a schism which makes our differences irreconcilable." Specter added, “I have not represented the Republican Party,” and that he is “unwilling" to have his 29-year Senate record "judged by the Pennsylvania Republican primary electorate.”

In a note to Arlen Specter after his move, Mr. Obama stated that Democrats are “thrilled to have [Senator Arlen Specter],” who feels Republicans had “moved far to the right” in recent years. So as to balance the far-right, Mr. Specter’s shift in political affiliation allows for a Liberal Supermajority to reign. It seems to me we're moving much further left than some Congressional leaders are willing to admit. The Liberal strategy must be working.

Is there good that can come from this? The guy who got Specter out, Pat Toomey made this comment on Glenn Beck’s show:
“The fundamental idea it seems to me that unites Republicans is belief in the freedom of the individual and limiting the power of government, and Arlen Specter has always been about growing government as long as he's got the opportunity to exercise control, as long as it enhances his power, he's been for more government and less freedom. That just, I don't see a home in the Republican Party for someone who takes that approach.”

Prior to the 2008 US Elections results, I asked that the ‘real Obama please stand up’ and show his true agenda; since then, he’s more than answered the call. Obama has better defined his motives for “change,” and the over-stayed Nancy Pelosi is clearly enthralled with all of it. Now with a super-majority, democrats can slam through their agenda with greater ease. And they will continue to do so. The massive increases in debt created from, as Pelosi described it, a “wave upon a wave” of earmark-riddled, ‘pork’ barrel spending bills will ensue. The 60 votes needed to overcome tactics known as filibusters have succeeded; nothing remains from stopping the increases in wasteful spending.

Whether planned or unplanned, the first 100 days of his presidency have shown that Obama possesses an extreme left backbone to support his political agenda. The Obama administration might lack the integrity or honor that his predecessor’s have offered before him, but the power and influence he holds has only grown since January 21.

The Road to Socialism and Communism is... the Revolution of change.

Beginning with down-payments to socialized health care and government ownership of businesses, a Congressional super-majority now gives the extreme left-wing movement its desired momentum. Unfortunately for capitalist pigs and right-wing extremists, Obama looks to strengthen his tidal wave of unwanted, wasteful spending and shove his undesired agenda down Americans throat over the next two years. Oh joy.


. said...

Yeah, I think Spector will have a tough time in Dem circles. I don't think he's completely welcomed from what I've read on the Leftist boards.
The super majority is very scary....they can really screw up the country now.

Anonymous said...

I would like to think we are better off without Specter. He was a Dumbocrat in every aspect except name. It is unfortunate that he chose such a critical time to reveal his true calling, but I guess there is never a "good" time to come out of the closet. God help us all, cause the Senate can't.