A 1-In-100 Blogger: October 2009

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Susan Hutchison for King County Executive? Absolutely!

As the November 3rd King County election nears, I feel it's important to express my views on one of the more important political challengers on the ballot: Susan Hutchison, who's running for Seattle's King County Executive. Endorsed by the Seattle Times, Susan Hutchison is a political outsider who recently emphasized the need for fresh ideas in county government. Hutchison said this:
"With hundreds of millions in projected deficits and critical services on the chopping block, our county's financial house is in disorder. We need a new direction in King County, with new leadership that does not believe the answer to every problem is a new fee or a higher tax."

Her top priorities are budget reform, improving jobs and the economy, enforcing government accountability and reform, and public safety; as well, Hutchison has also been focused on helping South King County residents before and after flooding.

Meanwhile, her opponent Council member Dow Constantine, he looks to continue a destructive path which leads to more debt for our state and a less accountable government.

I will add this however, which is perhaps an indirect warning to those like myself who do want change from Constantine's "business as usual" politics. ACORN’s Siamese twin, the same Unions who despised those asking tough questions at Townhall meetings during the nationwide healthcare debates, and who "...will punch back twice as hard..." toward those who want more fiscal responsibility, it has been reported by the Seattle Times that three locals of the powerful Service Employees International Union (SEIU) have "overwhelmingly" endorsed Dow Constantine for county executive. According to Dow Constantine's home page, a fourth SEIU Local has also endorsed him: Local 6, Local 925, Local 775, and Local 1199NW.

This is the same national "team" which had eyewitness account's of their Union thugs beating an independent Tea Party attendee at a Town Hall meeting of Congressman Carnahan in St. Louis. According to reports, six people were arrested after the altercation which left a man named Kenneth Gladney shaken, bruised and his glasses broken.

Does Seattle really need more of the same thugery that disrupts ordinary citizens from speaking out against (or for) certain legislation in our State? After all, Dow Constantine hasn't provided any positive "change" in King County. He's already had his chance and failed. Contrarily, Susan Hutchison (who is a former union member) has said she is "not afraid to work with the unions and seek to open their contracts." She looks to bring the type of leadership and strong political balance to a county which is in desperate need of it.

These are just a few reasons why I voted for Susan Hutchison, a true conservative, and who I believe is the best chance for Republicans to bring real change and real fiscal responsibility back to Washington state.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Financial Collapse and 'The Warning'

In reference to a PBS special on Frontline, called The Warning, Brooksley Born was the chairman of the Commodity Future Trading Commission in the Clinton administration. She not only warned of the potential for economic meltdown in the late 1990’s, but also tried to convince the country’s key economic powerbrokers to take actions that could have helped avert the crisis. Here’s a quote from Brooksley Born:

"We didn't truly know the dangers of the market, because it was a dark market. They were totally opposed to it. That puzzled me. What was it that was in this market that had to be hidden?"

The hidden history of the nation's worst financial crisis since the Great Depression is revealed; and at the center of it all is Brooksley Born, and her failed campaign to regulate the secretive, multitrillion-dollar derivatives market whose crash helped trigger the financial collapse in the fall of 2008. The Warning shows exactly what happened with the derivatives, and how Born (she’s also a Democrat) knew as far back as 1997 that there was going to be a financial collapse, and she tried to warn everyone about it.

Former SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt, a member of President Clinton's powerful 'Working Group' on Financial Markets, he said, "I didn't know Brooksley Born. I was told that she was irascible, difficult, stubborn, unreasonable." He explained how the other principals of the Working Group convinced him that Born's attempt to regulate the risky derivatives market could somehow lead to financial turmoil, a conclusion he now believes was "clearly a mistake."

Born's battle behind closed doors was apparently "epic." However, despite her attempts to warn those with power to make the right call, the members of the president's Working Group vehemently opposed regulation – especially when proposed by a Washington outsider like Born. Michael Greenberger, a former top official at the CFTC who worked closely with Born, said this:

"I walk into Brooksley's office one day; the blood has drained from her face. She's hanging up the telephone; she says to me: 'That was [former Assistant Treasury Secretary] Larry Summers. He says, 'You're going to cause the worst financial crisis since the end of World War II. [...] [He says he has] 13 bankers in his office who informed him of this. Stop, right away. No more.'"

She was ultimately blocked by Rubin, Greenspan, Larry Summers, and others who were with the president's Working Group at that time. They hammered Brooksley Born until she gave up. She was in hearings before Congress explaining that there's going to be a major collapse if these derivatives aren't banished, and instead of getting a less risky market, the president's Working Gourp crushed her career for it. Ironically, a 25 year old Geithner was involved in the Working Group at that time. Just as ridiculous, Summers is still presently in the White House, too. Many of the same people and organizations that helped cause the financial meltdown just so happen to be in key positions in the Obama administration.

The federal government created policies that forced banks to make bad loans to people who couldn't pay them - "toxic debt," I believe is the term used today. That's what the subprime mortgage crisis is all about. And these people in government, many of whom are still in power today, they were all warned about the problems that they themselves created. But they ignored the warning. And now they're working with the Obama administration as the "heroes" as having the "solution" to the problem. Everybody hop on the Geithner plane, he says it might work out OK this time.

Even ACORN is involved! The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now was given extraordinary power in the late nineties with Clinton, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, and they went around and forced the banks to make bad loans after making them a federal law. Banks were forced to make bad loans that led to today's financial disaster; and these banks, after following orders, the irony is that they are now being blamed for the financial problems today by the very people who were warned about the inevitable problem and actually created it themselves in the first place.

Considering many of the same men who shut down Born are now also in key positions in the Obama administration, what's Born's latest warning? Brooksley Born now warns, over and over,

"It'll happen again if we don't take the appropriate steps. There will be significant financial downturns and disasters attributed to this regulatory gap over and over until we learn from experience."

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Obama a super hero? Think again. A follow up to this series will be written in the future, once things unfold a bit more.

Performance and timeline of Stock Market calls by Jim Cramer, includes Barney Frank's ridiculous agenda and attempt to cover up Fannie and Freddie's woes - before they "woe'ed," per say.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Domino's Pizza Tracker IS Amazing!

Have you ever ordered pizza online only to find yourself waiting, 45 minutes to an hour later, wondering whatever happened to your pizza? We've all been there. A countless number of times I've done it - called for an update on an order I made online - pleading for the status of my pizza delivery.

This of course also defeats the purpose for ordering online in the first place. It's not that people are rude on the phone or anything (in most cases). It's just that, well it's nice not dealing with the hassle and having to miss ten minutes of a football game because you're in another room waiting, on hold for god-knows how long just so you can get the status or your order. The answer is always the same too, they say, "It's already left our store for delivery. So it should be there at any moment." And then ten or fifteen minutes later it finally arrives, forever remaining a mystery what happened to your pizza from the time you placed the order to when it actually got to your place.

Oh the good ol' days of delayed delivery. But enough about the past. Have you checked out Domino's lately?

For starters, Domino's Lava Cakes are insanely delicious. And they come in two's, so you'll feel even more guilty if you happen to be ordering alone. Why? Because you'll eat both - guaranteed. Trust me. They're that good. There's lava inside! Chocolate lava! Ha--funny how I started by describing the dessert. Talk about a lasting impact. My favorite pizza is above all the Brooklyn style, with pepperoni and roasted garlic. Parmesan cheese is a must, too.

Just looking at it... I already had dinner about half an hour ago and yet, the thought of what it'd be like to have this pizza here right now, steaming hot and ready to eat... My stomach just growled. Is it suppose to do that even after you've eaten and are "full?" I just had a carbohydrate-free grilled chicken dinner, with broccoli. And a salad. I'm full, right? Hmm... maybe something is wrong with my stomach... OK, enough chatter. I've already written enough fragmented sentences for one blog entry, so I don't need any more. I'll get to the main point. The reason for publishing this blog tonight: Domino's Pizza Tracker.

This thing solves ALL of my delivery problems of the past! Thus far, every time I've ordered from dominos.com, my pizza arrived within 30 minutes - sometimes less, which is eerily fast for what I was used to. What seems like the most simple invention, it's actually an extraordinary milestone and great improvement in online delivery. I swear the pizza tracker is mesmerizing at times!

Not only do you get the name of the delivery person, but you know who's making your pizza as well. Accountability is ALWAYS a good thing when it comes to food. Because you also get to rate virtually every aspect of the pizza order and delivery process right on the same screen as the Pizza Tracker. If it takes 10 minutes to go from "order placed" to "pizza has left for delivery," but then takes 25 minutes for your pizza to arrive - you know exactly who's getting a complaint. And you know where in the process of making, baking, and delivery your food the bottleneck occurred. It's really an interesting, unique device that's been long overdue in the pizza delivery business. I love it!

Best of all? Which I might add, it's the upgrade I've been waiting for since first experiencing the Pizza Tracker. If you have an iPhone, there's an app for that. Domino's rocks!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Web Exclusive: Rush Limbaugh Unaired Clips on the Today Show

Recently, Jamie Gangel from the Today Show interviewed Rush Limbaugh, a two part series. But there's more! Below are some excellent web-only clips from the interview, unaired on MSNBC.

First up: Limbaugh comments on Donovan McNabb

Next: Unaired clip on Miss America

Web only: Rush comments on Letterman (the 'social commentator') and fame

Rush comments on McCain: Denies responsibility for hurting McCain during election

On Radio Success: Rush says 'Ideology and business inseparable'

For written transcripts of the interview, click here.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Obama Can You Hear Us Now

Growing Tea Party rallies are on the move!

Why won't the mainstream media just tell the truth? They need our help.

The plan is simple: March on the media!

From a Community Organizer, "You want you to argue with them, get in their faces... you guys are the ones who can make the change." - Candidate Barack Obama to supporters September, 2008

Local media nationwide still refuses to let the valid concerns of conservatism be heard, so we're bringing our concerns to them! It’s called, "Operation: Can You Hear Us Now?" We've protested in our town halls, rallied in our cities, and marched on D.C., with an aim of restoring the balance of power in favor of citizens; to stand up for the principles of fiscal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty, and a strong national defense.

Gathering on Saturday October 17, “Can You Hear Us Now” groups are forming events in many states to let local media outlets know that people want responsible journalism.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pinpointing Obama's Indecisiveness On Afghanistan

Despite having increased the federal budget deficit by $1.2 trillion after he signed two new bills, the $787B stimulus and the $410B omnibus, President Obama is in the midst of another problem: the war in Afghanistan. I must admit, when Barack Obama decided to send troops into Afghanistan, this was his first and only decision so far as President that I support. He acted quickly, choosing to continue the fight against the terrorists. But just as quickly did Obama act when sending troops into Afghanistan, he soon forgot about the issue and moved on to lesser important things.

In attempt to re-focus the President, I'll remind him that General Stanley McChrystal, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, is still requesting between 30,000 and 40,000 more troops. Since the President has already ordered an initial troop surge in the Afghanistan War, Obama must make another decision very soon: send between 30,000 and 40,000 more troops into Afghanistan and try to win the war, or be weak and surrender to Al-Qaeda. And to reiterate the President's current state of confusion, Afghanistan is indeed on the list of places we're fighting Al-Qaeda. If it helps the President to remember, I'll just say it like it is — we're at war with Al-Qaeda — and they are still terrorists.

Here's another quick memo to President Obama: You cannot simply vote 'present' on the issue and hope the problem goes away on its own. Unlike the too-quick to pass $1.2 trillion in earmark-riddled, pork barrel spending bills, Afghanistan is a situation where you, Mr. President, must make a decision sooner than later. Stop playing political games with the lives of American troops and make the right call. If it helps to feed your craving for personal gain and bolster your arrogance, win this war for your own legacy. More importantly however, and for the sake of not jeopardizing U.S. troops currently in Afghanistan, listen to Gen. Stanley McChrystal!

That's not all either, because the real problem I have with Barack Obama is that we have no idea how the inexperienced and indecisive President will choose to continue the war in Afghanistan. Actually, unfortunately, history might be a greater tell-tail sign as to how the President may act; Obama's previous notions on war strategy seem to correlate with how-to lose a war. Currently, the President must decide one thing: Is there proof that a troop 'surge' in Afghanistan will work? Even if there is proof, how will Obama interpret the results?

Going back to the January 10, 2007 speech by former-President Bush, he had announced plans to increase the number of troops in Iraq by about 20,000 in an effort to quell violence throughout the country and especially in Baghdad. By spring 2008, the number of deaths and other violence in Iraq began to drop, and most journalists in the media were hailing the "surge" as a success and giving it much of the credit for improvements. Top U.S. officials have verified that the buildup did indeed help cut violence in Iraq to four-year lows. However, despite its success, what did Obama think of Bush's decision to push a troop surge in Iraq? "First, he opposed the surge — then he confidently predicted that it would fail," McCain said in his August 11 speech.
Barack Obama openly mocked the war in Iraq and tagged the efforts as a loss and defeat when he said, "Here's what we know. The surge has not worked. And they said today, 'Well, even in September, we're going to need more time.' So we're going to kick this can all the way down to the next president, under the president's plan."
Obama arrogantly suggested that U.S. troops could not win the war, but what actually happened? McCain said it best, "Thanks to the courage and sacrifice of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines and to brave Iraqi fighters, the surge has succeeded. And yet Senator Obama still can't quite bring himself to admit his own failure in judgment."

I have to wonder if now-President Obama will make the same mistake again. Will he have an epic-failure in judgment and lose the war in Afghanistan? I hope not. But he probably will, assuming he acts similarly arrogant as he has in the past. Barack Obama campaigned vehemently against the Iraq War, and he tore into the idea of a troop surge. Thus, a legitimate concern I have is that Obama will again refuse to listen to top military strategists when they ask for a troop surge.

Nothing tells me that President Obama knows what he's doing, yet he wreaks of false-confidence. Failure after failure he stubbornly chooses to make the wrong decision, rushing when he shouldn't be, and then taking his time when the clock is ticking and American lives are counting on him to act quickly. Maybe he just needs some more encouragement? Or maybe he is looking for a third, fourth, and possibly a fifth opinion to assure a troop surge is the right thing to do.

For those who have heard of the famous acronym, "WWJD?" (What Would Jesus Do), here's another acronym and after-thought as to what Obama's next decision as President should be: "WWPLD?" What Would President Limbaugh Do?

If asked, "WWPLD?" Limbaugh said, in own words, "I'd win." President Limbaugh would listen to what the generals say. It's not hard. We win; they lose.