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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Susan Hutchison for King County Executive? Absolutely!

As the November 3rd King County election nears, I feel it's important to express my views on one of the more important political challengers on the ballot: Susan Hutchison, who's running for Seattle's King County Executive. Endorsed by the Seattle Times, Susan Hutchison is a political outsider who recently emphasized the need for fresh ideas in county government. Hutchison said this:
"With hundreds of millions in projected deficits and critical services on the chopping block, our county's financial house is in disorder. We need a new direction in King County, with new leadership that does not believe the answer to every problem is a new fee or a higher tax."

Her top priorities are budget reform, improving jobs and the economy, enforcing government accountability and reform, and public safety; as well, Hutchison has also been focused on helping South King County residents before and after flooding.

Meanwhile, her opponent Council member Dow Constantine, he looks to continue a destructive path which leads to more debt for our state and a less accountable government.

I will add this however, which is perhaps an indirect warning to those like myself who do want change from Constantine's "business as usual" politics. ACORN’s Siamese twin, the same Unions who despised those asking tough questions at Townhall meetings during the nationwide healthcare debates, and who "...will punch back twice as hard..." toward those who want more fiscal responsibility, it has been reported by the Seattle Times that three locals of the powerful Service Employees International Union (SEIU) have "overwhelmingly" endorsed Dow Constantine for county executive. According to Dow Constantine's home page, a fourth SEIU Local has also endorsed him: Local 6, Local 925, Local 775, and Local 1199NW.

This is the same national "team" which had eyewitness account's of their Union thugs beating an independent Tea Party attendee at a Town Hall meeting of Congressman Carnahan in St. Louis. According to reports, six people were arrested after the altercation which left a man named Kenneth Gladney shaken, bruised and his glasses broken.

Does Seattle really need more of the same thugery that disrupts ordinary citizens from speaking out against (or for) certain legislation in our State? After all, Dow Constantine hasn't provided any positive "change" in King County. He's already had his chance and failed. Contrarily, Susan Hutchison (who is a former union member) has said she is "not afraid to work with the unions and seek to open their contracts." She looks to bring the type of leadership and strong political balance to a county which is in desperate need of it.

These are just a few reasons why I voted for Susan Hutchison, a true conservative, and who I believe is the best chance for Republicans to bring real change and real fiscal responsibility back to Washington state.

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