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Friday, November 27, 2009

Video of the Year: 'Hide The Decline' - Climategate

Almost exactly one year ago I wrote an entry about climate change, the myths of global warming and how more reliable evidence suggests that, because the Earth's ecosystem is constantly changing, global temperature naturally goes up and down - and it's currently decreasing. That was a year ago when I wrote the article. Things are about to get very interesting as this fraud ends in a debacle.

The only flaw in my 2008 blog post was in its title, "Green Smug Drives Global Cooling." Now that man-made global warming is proven to be just an elaborate hoax, and since scientists can get back to studying factual quality data, it would have been much more appropriate had the original title read:
Green Smug Hides Global Cooling.

The infamous Climategate, uncovered in 2009, and of which motivated the making of what I consider the best video of the year: "Hide The Decline."

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