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Monday, January 4, 2010

49ers Gold Rush: Vernon Davis

Tight end Vernon Davis (No. 85) of the San Francisco 49ers had a monster 2009 season in the NFL. Representing the 49ers at the 2010 Pro Bowl, one can imagine this story is only the beginning of an amazing career for Vernon Davis. Statistically, he's a 'freak of nature'; given his youth, excellent work ethic and superior motivation to succeed, surely we've just witnessed the all-star's coming out party.

From his 2009 stats, Vernon Davis led the way for a historic year for tight ends and had a career-year with the 49ers. He racked up a total of 78 receptions, 965 receiving yards, and 13 touchdowns. Vernon Davis also tied Antonio Gates for the most touchdown receptions by an NFL tight end in a single season. Accordingly, Mr. Davis is quoted as saying the following.
"My motivation now is to pass the guys who were here before me. Guys like Shannon Sharpe and [former 49ers wide receiver] jerry Rice. I think back to when I was young and I was watching them and modeling my game after theirs, and I just want to be the one to surpass them. I use them as a goal. Those guys are already up there, and I'm just trying to get there and pass them."
So, Mr. Davis, if you ever happen to stumble on this blog, first I'd like to congratulate you on the accomplishment of tying Antonio Gates TD record! Your hard work is paying off. But I'd also like to see you fulfill your ultimate dream and beat the record! Break every tight end record the NFL has to offer. We both know you can do it.

The 2009 season was an excellent milestone and should be used as a jumping stone to meet new goals; because, for Mr. Davis, in the past he has made it a goal to be the greatest tight end to ever play the game. He's definitely on the right path so far. Although he still has a long way to go before surpassing greatness and moving closer to the desired Hall of Fame, all-world status that most NFL players dream of.

There's the Super Bowl championship (for the 49ers) as an end goal as well. While the beautiful 49ers cheerleaders do most of the cheering - I'll be rooting for Davis to succeed during his journey with the team to the Super Bowl! I know the 49ers can do it! I also know Vernon Davis will surely help the team as he moves to break statistical records and become the greatest tight end ever. As much as all 49ers fans would love it to happen, it's probably no surprise to Davis that his lonely ring finger would enjoy nothing more than the warmth of a PHAT Super Bowl ring, too.

If indeed Mr. Davis is after the big numbers, a quick glance at the numbers Shannon Sharpe managed over his career shows Davis has some work to do. Sharpe's career stats include 815 total receptions, 10,060 total receiving yards, and 62 touchdowns in a 14-year career played mostly with the Denver Broncos. Then there's also Tony Gonzalez, an all-star TE who over 13-seasons has managed 999 receptions, 11,807 receiving yards, and a total of 82 touchdowns.

The challenge is great. Statistically, following in the footsteps of and ultimately surpassing history's all-time great tight ends will not be easy. But surely, if there's one man who can do it, I have the utmost faith in Vernon Davis. He's a stud. He's a 'freak of nature' with more athletic talent than any player before him. And he's my most favorite player on the 49ers since Jerry Rice and Steve Young dominated the NFL. Perhaps the ultimate goal for Vernon Davis to win a Super Bowl followed by a hall of fame career isn't out of reach after all. Welcome to a new era where the gold rush is Vernon Davis, and a realistic goal for the San Francisco 49ers should be to win a Super Bowl. It is attainable.

For egoistical purposes, there's another "championship" I hope to win myself. With the help of Vernon Davis, my own fantasy of a championship dream is in reach. He just so happens to be on my fantasy football team in a dynasty league. Given my past fantasy football woes when I went from coaching a championship caliber team to one that can't even make the playoffs, I'm all the more optimistic that Vernon Davis will be one of my top keepers as a statistical nightmare for my opponents. The success of my team is riding on the coattails of Vernon Davis! A healthy Ronnie Brown couldn't hurt, either.

The stars are aligning! And the competitive character in Davis is exactly what I like to see. His attitude and success will only assist fantasy football owners like myself as we make our dream of a championship become a reality. Now if only that reality could include a date with one of the 49ers cheerleaders...

The reality for all NFL fans is the sadness that fills our lives when the football season ends - but also the joy we feel when a new one begins. I can't wait! Go Niners! Vernon Davis, keep up the great work and let's hope the 49ers can make the playoffs in 2010. I know it can happen. Until then, here's an excellent quote from Vernon Davis on how he prepares for his journey to greatness.

"I'm just a competitive guy. I always want to be the best. I can't stand to see someone doing better than me. You gotta have that drive. That's how you get better. If a guy in front of me has a better bench press than me, I'm gonna work harder to beat that. It all starts in the weight room. That's where you become explosive, strong and powerful."


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