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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Developing: Cure for Big Government

Something amazing is happening. Developing right now across the United States is a cure for big government. After it became apparent that government is the problem, the Tea Party Movement began in February of 2009. Outcry against socialism and communism is on the rise.

The mother of all ironies occurred when, in the same state that the Boston Tea Party happened in 1773, Massachusetts struck down a year long era of Liberal supermajority politics by electing Scott Brown.

To get an idea of just how rare of a victory this is for Republicans in Massachusetts: Kennedy, a Leftist Democrat, held the seat for 47 years. It makes me hopeful that Seattle's so-called "congressman for life," Jim McDermott, may too be ousted by Steve Beren - who's a Conservative Tea Party activist from Seattle, Washington.

Folks, we're truly experiencing history here. We the people of the United States want our country back. America is rising at the opportunity to tell the Progressives that we won't stop reclaiming our country until each and every one of the socialists, the leftists and the frauds are gone.

Man-made Global warming is a fraud. It's a hoax. Thanks to Climategate we all know this now. For the Democrats, however, their world is surely warming because the heat is on them for the abuse of power we've seen over the last year. That's politician-made Global warming for ya!

The Progressives, Democrats and Liberals who held power over the last year went on a reckless spending spree. These politicians knew the whole time that they didn't have a dime to pay for it. It's the same thing as a dine and dash but on a whole different level, and the robbed taxpayers are left on the hook to pay for it.

The punishment for these reckless politicians will ultimately become America's greatest blessing - real change.

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ndh777 said...

Alot of Americans are getting what's actually so wrong about Socialism and Liberalism. For a few years, people were getting the idea that hard earned money given to lazy people is the best way to go. Now people are opening up their eyes and realizing that their tax money is going to cable companies, liquor stores, and other useless things so-called "necessities" by welfare moochers.