A 1-In-100 Blogger: Mitt Romney For 2012? Why He Makes Sense.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Mitt Romney For 2012? Why He Makes Sense.

Is Mitt Romney a good choice for President in 2012? Absolutely, I hope to see it happen. Here's why Romney running for the 2012 presidential election makes sense.

Romney makes sense because he upholds Conservative values, and he’s business-savvy and understands the implication of higher taxes on small businesses. Mitt Romney certainly does not share the same vocal support or spotlight in the media as his counterpart, Sarah Palin. But they share conservative political values, and both Romney and Palin have publicly applauded the Tea Party Movement. While Sarah Palin is more actively involved spreading the Tea Party message, especially after stepping down as governor of Alaska, I cannot help but like the idea of a Mitt Romney/Sarah Palin or Sarah Palin/Mitt Romney ticket for the 2012 elections for President.

On the economy, Mitt Romney has what it takes to help get businesses back up and running efficiently. Efficiency equals more job creation in the private sector. Romney can help the economy with fiscal conservatism in mind. He knows that with fewer taxes, we can move the country in the right direction by helping balance the budget and improve the economy at the same time. I have utmost confidence that his tax policies will drastically lower the unemployment rate, too.

Best of all: Romney’s tactics won’t require a bogus “stimulus” plan, a fake “jobs” bill and increased taxes for all, Obama. Barack Obama, that's you. Mitt Romney is a man who can fix the irresponsible spending in Washington quicker than Obama can say "there's a tax for that!"

I won’t dive too far into the religious aspect on the fact that Romney is Mormon. After all, the truth of the matter is that Mitt Romney is religious; therefore, he is a man who follows the Ten Commandments. In my opinion, anyone who doesn’t follow—at a very minimum—five of the Ten Commandments probably doesn’t have the integrity to be President of the United States. Case in point, Mitt Romney passes the integrity test right off the bat.

The idea of Mitt Romney as a candidate for the 2012 elections makes sense. Both Conservatives, Romney and Palin, are a favorite of mine. In my view, it makes sense to keep the best-of-the-best conservative possibilities in mind for the 2012 elections. It's far too early to choose one over the other. I know I'm jumping ahead right now and too eager for positive change, but I can't help it. Especially when, until 2012, America has three more years of the Obama-storm doing everything he can to faceplant the economy.

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