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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Surprise!? I Found the Hidden Decline.

Is ClimateGate the biggest issue Americans face today? We've all seen the YouTube video 'hide the decline' and many have viewed some or all of the emails and other document. But let's just say for a moment, in the midst of it all, there's still other people working hard with the Obama administration to faceplant the economy.



Our favorite Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke.

Now, all of this this is very likely to be a simple, ironic. mishap. None the less, I stumbled on a forum post started by someone named jasonkolb. He posted an image of a graph. It's almost a mirror image of the Climategate hockey stick chart. It's showing us what appears to be something in a sharp decline.

My first question is, what is an M1 Multiplier?

What is the M1 Multiplier?

My second question is, what does this mean for the economy?

Originally I was planning on writing a little bit here to explain, in my own words, what the decline of a/an M1 Multiplier means. Then I was going to wittingly connect it to the ironic? mirror image of the hockey stick; they are both a well hidden decline -- zero media coverage. Most likely because of the complexity of each situation.

But, since jasonkolb already asked this topics most important question in a forum on December 11, 2008;
" M1 Multiplier goes BELOW 1.0 - WTF?? "

And as of writing this there is now 36+ pages of ongoing discussion at tickerforum.org, there's no need for me to elaborate.

For PG-13 purposes, I'm simply going to define the acronym 'WTF' as "Wildly Tanking Fast," that's W.T.F. So, like, I could ask, "why is the M1 Multiplier W.T.F.?!" and it would make sense... Yep...

Source(s) for graph: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

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