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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Countdown To ObamaCare, Socialism

The countdown to ObamaCare begins. We're 24 hours away from fundamentally changing America, and the government is about to takeover the current health care system and reform it to match Canada and Europe's socialist system. ObamaCare is socialism: an equally shared, redistributive system of government-quality health care.

The great socialist revolution is almost complete. Barack Obama's leftist organizations, ACORN and the SEIU, will always, forever have the last laugh after fundamentally transforming America's Constitution-based federal republic. The unions, as Obama's left and right workhorses, will soon successfully transform America into a socialist union, with a strong democratic tradition at home and abroad. The unions will win, scoring a huge victory for socialism, at the sacrafice of American taxpayers and state liberties. Will American's lose freedom that we must soon, tomorrow, say is liberty we once had?

The scariest part is that there's nothing American's can do to stop the revolution from successfully transforming America. We must sit back, watch, and wait for the takeover to begin.

The Pilgrims were facing the same grim scenario when they entered into the New World's first Social Contract with previous merchant-sponsors in London. Under socialism, all the Pilgrims had left was their faith. We will soon learn what William Bradford did long before Karl Marx was born, after the Pilgrims had discovered and experimented with what today is described as socialism. It will be a tragedy our Founding Fathers hoped to quell from ever happening in the United States. Atlas may soon be Shrugging.

Will it be too late to 'Change It Back' once ObamaCare is set in motion as a federal law?

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