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Friday, March 19, 2010

Cramer Got Stumped! M5M Lighting Round

This is a follow up to my previous post discussing Kudlow and Cramer's economic outlook if ObamaCare passes this Sunday. Last year, I wrote a tribute to Jim Cramer celebrating Mad Money's fourth anniversary; this year, Cramer talks about the changing landscape of the stock market. So it makes sense that I pay 'tribute' to Mad Money's fifth anniversary, too!

First, Mad Money viewers got to witness one of those extraordinarily rare moments when Jim Cramer encounters a stock he hasn't heard of before. It was during Mad Money's 'M5M' Lighting Round. Cramer got stumped! I say this because he rarely gets caught off-guard over a stock. Check it out.

At the two minute mark from the linked video (above), Bill from Massachusetts eagerly asks Cramer, "My stock is Nstar (NST). Gimme some some sugar on that stock!" Cramer's response? Stumped! The following day, on March 17 Cramer's Mad Money did a follow up on the performance of Nstar. Now that's what I call accountability!

Second and more importantly, Cramer discusses the changing landscape of the stock market. M5M introduced a new acronym for some of the key drivers of the stock market, "P.A.C.E.D."


P stands for President: President Obama is impacting the stock market. Cramer said, "The next 1,000 points hinges on whether or not Obama's health care bill passes." As I mentioned in my previous blog post, Kudlow and Cramer agreed on the problems that will occur in the market if ObamaCare passes — the Dow could go down 1,000 points. If it does pass, expect taxes to go up too; in turn, squeezing more life out of the economy.

A is for Apple (AAPL): The tech industry is taking off, or at least trying to if not for "P." Apple is the leader of the mobile Internet tsunami.

C is for China: Cramer says the U.S. has been replaced by China as the world's industrial powerhouse. Cramer said we are currently in the wake of a 'Great Recession' and must now follow Brazil, India and China as their economy grows faster than ours. I say, a Great Recession or Depression is what happens when "P" sells the American taxpayers' souls to China so he can fill the pockets of ACORN and the SEIU's campaign funds for the upcoming elections. Err.. I meant Obama passed a $1 trillion dollar "stimulus" package which increased taxes for all Americans. "C" purchased your soul the moment Obama lied and the economy died.

E is for Energy: Cramer says Natural gas supply in the U.S. could help fuel a global clean fuel initiative. I say let's step back from any "global green laws," because ClimateGate sort of proved to taxpayers that world politics should not mix with science. This includes Cap and Trade, I say scrap it and allow science to rid itself of its corruption before sending "global unions" any more U.S. taxpayer dollars.

D is for Dividends: 'buy and hold' strategies need to be revised to remain defensive during turbulent times in the stock market.

Now for the best part! Jim Cramer's outrage of the day (I should say week) happens to be shared by a majority of Americans. Congress is literally the stock market's worst enemy right now; moreover, ObamaCare is on point and ready to destroy the United States health care system. During Cramer's Stop Trading! segment on CNBC, he spoke of the Democrats intent to fund health-care reform through higher taxes. This of course will also hurt the stock market and ultimately the economy. On Friday's Mad Money episode, Cramer remained defensive and offered viewers a Game Plan for surviving the market if the health care bill passes on Sunday. We all know higher taxes plus ObamaCare equals a stock market sell-off.

But who am I to speak out against ObamaCare? After all, as Dodd says, "You will learn to love it." He said it is only a matter of time before they "warm" to the new health care legislation after it passes.

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