A 1-In-100 Blogger: Democrats Socialize America's Healthcare System

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Democrats Socialize America's Healthcare System

Democrats in the US House of Representatives cast their health care vote on the Senate's bill, approving a government takeover to socialize America's health care system. Under ObamaCare, a federal law allows the government to takeover America's private health care system. Federal law now requires the government to run a socialist health care system, in a move that will cripple approximately 18% of the United States economy.

Barack Obama and the US government owns two of Detroit’s big three automakers, the world’s largest insurer AIG, the largest mortgage operations in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, as well as a third of Citigroup. Now with the passage of ObamaCare, Barack Obama's fundamental change of the United States is complete. Democrats destroyed the finest health care system in the world, by three votes, 219 to 212. The socialist revolution wins, it was that easy.

The Democrats managed to bring socialism to the United States, and Obama fulfilled his most extreme promise to "fundamentally change America." One certainty about the health care bill are the consequences which will be felt by everyone, and the tax increases that will affect all American's. Under ObamaCare, recently passed on Sunday, March 21, a date which Drudge Report declared 'will live in infirmary,' Congress successfully gave rise to socialism in America.

Ronald Reagan's fiscally conservative voice is lost hope American's were once able to have, now becoming meaningless rhetoric speaking out against big government. The Tea Partiers useless defiance against the 'inevitable' universal health care system was a message not listened to by congressional democrats in office. ObamaCare will cripple America and our economy.

The problem with ObamaCare is that we're not united on this health care bill at all, and a mandate in it is unconstitutional. The problem is America loses; Socialism wins. It's a dark day in America and for our economy, which will be crippled for years to come. At least we can be confident in one thing: we know the root cause.

Over the next ten years, 'Atlas' along with all incentive-driven and hard working American's will shrug as ObamaCare increases everyone's taxes and slowly eats away at an already deteriorating US economy. It will, over time, slowly destroy what was once the greatest health care system on earth.

Is it just me, or do you also see a double-dip recession coming? This could be the big one. The 'great recession' could now last at least a decade, thanks to the socialist revolution and Barack Obama's destructive Social Contract.

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Drew said...

Im still shocked they actually passed it. How much worse can Obama make things be? I guess socialism is what the voters asked for when making Obama the president. He said he'd fundamentally change the country, and he finally made one promise come true!