A 1-In-100 Blogger: When Taxes Rise, Freedom Dies

Saturday, April 17, 2010

When Taxes Rise, Freedom Dies

It's a fact that when taxes rise, freedom dies. Democrats have failed to understand this truth, so, twice I've attended a Tea Party protest. Last year I went to, and then wrote about, the 2009 Tax Day Tea Party in Seattle Washington. It was the first protest I've ever been to, and it was also the beginning of the Tea Party Movement. Showing my pride as an American patriot, I also attended the 2010 Tea Party in Seattle, on April 15. I imagine our Founding Fathers would be proud!

For the 2010 Tax Day Tea Party, I unfortunately misplaced the Flip Camcorder that I used to create the YouTube video of the Seattle Tea Party. Thus, I was stuck with my iPhone for this years Tea Party protest, which is unfortunate because it only takes average quality pictures. Regardless, the event was still a blast! From what I noticed at the rally it's quite possible more people showed up this year than last year, too: the Tea Party Movement is growing.

Without further ado, here's some excellent pictures from the Seattle Tea Party at Westlake Park!

All of the pictures included in this blog entry are from the April 15, 2010 Tax Day Tea Party in Seattle (Westlake Park). Below is the YouTube video I created from attending the 2009 Tea Party in Seattle; you'll notice, from the video, it seems like there were much less protest signs at the 2010 Tea Party rally. Although, I did my best to include photos of the most popular signs found at this years Tea Party protest. Hopefully you all agree!

The same patriotic aura was felt at both events; however, this years protest felt a little more toned down (in terms of protest signs) from the previous year. This could be due to the vicious lies about protesters that many leftists have tried claiming are a part of the Tea Party Movement. In either case, it's certainly a growing movement despite the lies to demonize Tea Party patriots.


DeanO said...

I love the Tea Party pictures. Thanks for sharing.

ndh777 said...

I agree with DeanO. These pictures always inspire me; make me want to go out and shout in the streets right now how mad I am about this tax situation. I am getting a refund from both state and federal this tax season, but looking at how much they take from me in total, as well as what they use our tax dollars for, pisses me off right down to the core. Is there a website or something that I can find local Tea Party rallies? I would really love to attend one but don't know where to start my search.