A 1-In-100 Blogger: Did You Plug the Hole Yet, Daddy?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Did You Plug the Hole Yet, Daddy?

Did you plug the hole yet, daddy? Mr. President, Barack Obama, the oil spill is a disaster and your leadership is nowhere to be found. This live video feed of the oil spill shows us the answer to my question: Nope.

Obama, the oil spill is still spewing oil, and nobody's in charge of cleanup after more than a month of lackluster relief for this environmental disaster.

On to other things: I've been waaaay busy lately, thus the delay in new blog entries. My economy got better! After months of no luck job-hunting upon graduating with a bachelors degree from the University of Washington, I finally found a great job!

First, I worked in a supervisor position as a Crew Leader for the Census. I'll share more stories on that soon enough. What I can say is that I felt like I made a positive difference, knowing full well that taxpayer dollars were funding the Constitutionally mandated, necessary Census operation. About a month later, I got a much better job in the private industry working on salary. Funny how it seems like you're much more employable if you have a job. I can see why, though.

Anyhow, as my new routine settles down I'll be able to find more time for better blog entries. Barack Obama's oil spill, as a leaderless environmental disaster, I guess it reached its point where I had to comment on it.


Papa Giorgio said...


This sounds like a freaky-deaky family if you ask me.


M.M. said...

Wait... so is BP Obama's daddy or is it the other way around? Who takes orders from who? Maybe we'll know more after Barack Obama gets back from his nice vacation.