A 1-In-100 Blogger: Referee 'Disallows' USA Goal in World Cup

Friday, June 18, 2010

Referee 'Disallows' USA Goal in World Cup

This is the most annoying thing of the day: Referee 'Disallows' USA goal in World Cup. If you didn't watch it Live, or if you haven't seen video or pictures of it, then you might ask 'what was the reason given'? Since I am admittedly no soccer (or fútbol) expert, here's the video and you tell me what reason should be given for the referee's decision to disallow what looks like a perfectly well executed goal.

So here's my thoughts (it should be noted that I watched the game live early this morning): First issue I have with referee Koman Coulibaly's blatantly poor call against Team USA is simply with how bad it looks on FIFA, "the international governing body of football." The referee's decision to disallow the goal, therefor, also reflects poorly on the legitimacy of the World Cup in general.

Maurice Edu scored what would have been the third and winning goal for Team USA. Edu blasted in a free kick from Landon Donovan in the 85th minute, a game changer since it would have made the score 3 - 2 with Team USA in the lead. Yet somehow referee Koman Coulibaly finds reason to disallow the goal, keeping the game a tie and stealing from Team USA the greatest comeback victory in history for the World Cup. Not to mention Team USA is now in the position of being very unlikely to move on to the next round of the World Cup tournament.

The awfulness and disgrace of this referee's call doesn't end there. This brings me to the second issue I have with this refs decision to disallow a perfectly legal goal. Video and photos of Maurice Edu's goal show that Michael Bradley was being held onto by a Slovenian inside the penalty box, which would result in a penalty kick for Bradley regardless of whether or not Edu was offsides.

My interest in soccer and especially the World Cup is was certainly growing; for me personally, I'll admit, I have watched from start to finish two live Seattle Sounders soccer games on TV. This was only a few weeks prior to the World Cup, so there's a chance I only watched those games in anticipation for the 'Big games' on the world stage. In either case, this would mark the second World Cup that I've watched more closely than others. Age could also be a factor here. But after a high stakes World Cup game like this, with a horrible game and tournament changing call like that, by a referee willing to wrongfully 'disallow' the USA from potentially moving on to the next round of the playoffs is a disgrace and it shames the game of fútbol worldwide.

No wonder America doesn't love fútbol; it all makes sense. Is the World Cup always rigged like this? Where's the red challenge flag? I demand accountability in the World Cup, not bias refs with too much power to change a game.