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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ooh-rah R. Lee Ermey!

I can tell you right now, the mainstream media isn't going to like this one. John Nolte over at Big Hollywood formulated some predictions and likely reactions we'll see from The Vast Left-Wing Blacklist Machine, sure to rise up over this video clip of R. Lee Ermey. Nolte's four predictions are as follows.
1. Patrick Goldstein of the L.A. Times will write something that attempts to diminish Ermey and his resume into nothing more than a disgruntled has-been/never-was with an ax to grind:

Some right-wing actor who once did voice work on a failed cartoon series….

2. Most film sites will declare Ermey crazy, unglued, addled, unhinged… You get the idea. We’ve seen it all before.

3. MSNBC will run the clip and paint Ermey’s call to “rise up” as a Tea Party-ish call for violence.

4. Mediate will run the clip and still find a way to turn it into an anti-Palin story.

So, what's the big deal? R. Lee Ermey spoke out against the Obama regime!

R. Lee Ermey is one tough patriot - and a Glenn Beck fan, too! Appearing on behalf of Toys 4 Tots and USO, he totally rips into President Obama! Here's the clip:

Ooh-rah R. Lee Ermey! Semper Fi!

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